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About Us

ELCON Technologies provides innovative and distinctive solutions and portfolio products that add value for our customers. “The major international suppliers impose their offer to the customer with what they have, while we offer customers what they want to receive.”

We provide solutions, system integration, equipment packaging, custom and standard product. We provide equipment installation and start-up, equipment retrofit, and aftermarket service.

We have long-standing strategic alliances with “best in class” corporations in the electrical automation and control, and power distribution business.​

Our Mission

To bring fresh thinking to the technology business landscape by integrating all elements of our services with the guiding principles of integrity, respect, responsiveness, and accountability.

We are committed to helping companies improve performance and productivity by bringing to them the best products, accessories, services, and customized solutions. Companies have to maximize performance in every area of their operations every day and it begins with a short phone call to us.

We believe that it is our obligation to source the best of USA products and Green Certified products, and to strive to employ more USA based workers.

We Work With Our Clients
to Improve Their Process Control

  • To maximize productivity
  • To minimize waste
  • To minimize environmental impact
  • To minimize energy use
  • To maintain consistency of process & batch

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