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System Integration

To satisfy all customer requirements and to ensure that installation, operation and support of all integrated systems is seamless, the ELCON Technologies team of specialized professionals incorporates the latest industry technology in its project solutions. This includes being proficient in the latest technical developments, evaluating customer needs, examining project requirements and recommending a design solution that meets customer specifications.

Design Scope

SCADA & BAS Platforms

HVAC Automation

Honeywell and VFDs

Building Utilities Automation

SCADA, electric motor control, and instrument installation for tower water, chilled water, process water, domestic water, fire water, wastewater treatment, compressed air, process gas, chillers, and the interface to the process plant buildings.

24x7 and 911 Services

Custom service packages are available.

Full Ethernet & Fiber Optic
Network Design

Systems including network switch design and installation, network bandwidth calculations, cable schedule development and fiber patching schedule development. Scope includes control system fiber network and physical patching and terminations for ProfiBus, ModBus, and Ethernet networks.

Power Management & Control
System Implementation

Design and installation of all switchgear monitoring equipment, interface to servers, interface to uninterrupted power supplies (UPSs), interface to switchgear, interface to plant emergency generator and switchgear remote control mechanism design for site switchgear, and plant-wide SCADA system for control and historization.


ELCON Technologies has extensive experience in providing complete system solutions that incorporate control instruments that are used to perform monitoring and control for the iron and steel industries, water and wastewater treatment, bulk material handling, and blending control.

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